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Classy & Flattering Series of Red Lipsticks

Classy & Flattering Series of Red Lipsticks

Red lips & wine sips.
No such thing as overdressing, perhaps a little rascal, a little rogue

Red lipstick - classy and always in trend. It’s an unquestionably strong feminine product. So powerful in the way no other makeup item or piece of fashion can be. This classy and edgy shade worked so well in a busy working office empowering every woman throughout their days as they are suited up in their blazers and suits. Flattering with various types of textures & finish, an empowerment that drives confidences and sexiness within themselves, women bring these shades forward even on their date nights. 

Here in Tuty Pout Cosmetics, we bring you a series of 4 unavoidable attractive bold red shades that you can’t resist looking away. A soft matte finish that allows a 2-way application of ombre gradient or a fierce full lip coverage. 

 TUTY POUT Cosmetics - vegan_crueltyfree_longlasting_matte_liquid_lipstick (rogue)

Starting off on no sequences with our Apple Candy, a brighter range of red punchy shade that gives off a cheeky and bold mischievous look. Perfect for a light skin toned individual who are daring to catch all eyes in a room. 

Next we have vibrant carpet red that pulls off a luscious cherry pop on the lips, Poppy Cherry. A little similar to our devouring Apple Candy, however if you look closer in the swatches, poppy brings a hint of pink. Both above are perfect for individuals with olive skin toned (fair-medium), who seek a contrasting outlook. 

Then, instead of rocking bright red shades, here comes the most classic velvet red, Cranberry that every man fell on their knees for. This middle range of not too bright, not too dark true wine red shade, not only it is suitable for all skin tones, it serves perfectly on every occasion. It’s every woman’s day and night to go lipstick!

Last but not least, a slight finish of orangey red, Tangerine that is brushes off a super-bright persimmon hinted red shade which makes an entrance that reminds you of summer! Orangey-red lipsticks can be intimidating at times but it sets you in the mood! The more warm and golden our skin tone, the more orangey a lipstick we can pull off! 

TUTY POUT Cosmetics - vegan & crueltyfree longlasting matte liquid lipstick (rogue)

It can be hard to find someone that doesn’t love a good matte lip. Especially when it comes to red, it symbolizes so much on your strength. Consider adding this lippie to your collection, so you can score a picture-perfect pout! Shop Cruelty-free. Shop Rogue Series now!

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